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About AAIM

Arab African Investment Management (AAIM) is a specialized asset management firm that straddles the MENA region. Building on a heritage of innovation and customer service from its parent company Arab African International Bank, AAIM has brought together tradition and innovation to develop a market-leading approach to wealth creation across some of the world's fastest-growing emerging markets.

AAIM believes in a customer-centered, market-driven approach. Investment strategies are delivered across short and long-term horizons using qualitative and quantitative information derived from a breadth and depth of analysis that is second to none. AAIM tailors a portfolio of investments balancing risk and return to meet each individual client's investment goals.

AAIM is capitalizing on its founder "AAIB" and is part of a full fledged Investment Bank.
AAIM has a wide range of products including equity, money market and fixed income funds, in addition to a wide variety of portfolios catering to the needs of each investor.

Rigid Investment approach is applied by a highly qualified investment management team.

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